Dermaplaning in West Caldwell, NJ

Bright, blemish-free, and smooth skin are the hallmarks of beauty and youth, but not everyone is born with skin that is naturally perfect. At BeYouth MedSpa in West Caldwell, NJ. We offer skin rejuvenation treatments like dermaplaning that exist to enhance your skin and keep you looking and feeling great. Dermaplaning can be used to enhance your skin and create a smoother, brighter appearance. Dermaplaning also pairs well with many other treatments we offer and can even enhance the results of other treatments.

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that uses a thin, sterile blade to remove surface dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. Dermaplane treatments are some of the most popular basic facials you can use to improve your skin’s health, tone, and texture. While this treatment is wildly popular online among beauty bloggers, aesthetic experts also agree that this treatment can be a good foundation for your skincare goals.

What Can You Expect From Treatment?

Overall, your treatment will usually take about 30 minutes or less. During your treatment, your skin will be cleansed to remove any lingering dirt and oil from the skin surface, and then a sterile blade will be used on your face. One of our aesthetic experts will set the blade at a 45° angle and gently scrape away dead skin cells and peach fuzz with light, feathery motions. Before your treatment, you should discontinue chemical exfoliants for at least three to five days, including products such as retinol, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. After your treatment, you should focus on keeping your skin moist with skincare products packed with nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, and niacinamide.

How Soon Will You See THE Results?

You will generally be able to see the results of your treatment immediately after your appointment. This is because this exfoliating treatment will instantly renew your skin and refresh your skin appearance. Immediately following your treatment, you will notice that your skin is brighter, smoother, and even more youthful-looking.

How Frequently Should You Have Treatments?

The skin rejuvenation results of this treatment will last for about four to six weeks at a time, which means that you can use this treatment once a month for skin renewal. Naturally, your treatment frequency will depend on your goals, your skin type, and any other treatments that you are using, including your at-home skincare products. Most people can benefit from using this treatment once a month, particularly if one of your goals is maintaining good skin health. This treatment can regulate oil production, minimize acne, and keep the skin surface smooth to regulate cellular turnover, which also has the benefit of making your skin look younger. If you’re unsure about your ideal treatment frequency, please discuss your concerns with us so we can build a customized treatment plan.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Most people who want to improve their skin’s overall texture and tone are good candidates for dermaplaning. This treatment is appropriate for every skin type, skin tone, gender, and age. Because the treatment is non-invasive and does not use any energy-based methods or chemicals, it can also be a good option for those with skin allergies or health restrictions, such as pregnant women. You will need to attend a consultation to assess whether this treatment will work with your aesthetic goals. During your consultation, we will examine your skin to analyze your aesthetic concerns and discuss all of your treatment goals so that we can make the best recommendation for your individual needs.

What Are the Benefits of This Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

There are several benefits of this treatment, such as the fact that it is non-invasive and does not have any risk of scarring or harming the skin. This benefit can be significant for those with a history of easy scarring and susceptible skin that doesn’t respond well to treatments such as chemical peels. Other benefits of the treatment include:

Skin Renewal With Smoother Skin

This treatment is an ideal method to use to have smoother skin. Exfoliating treatments are a pivotal point in your skincare, particularly if you have dull skin, easily dry skin, aging skin, or skin that is affected by conditions such as acne. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, which allows your skin to be soft as silk to the touch.

Reduction of Acne

This treatment is especially beneficial for those who are suffering from acne of all types. Because this treatment removes peach fuzz, it also helps reduce the ability of acne-causing bacteria and oil to enter the pores. Many people with acne find their skin condition easier to manage with regular dermaplane treatments.

Better Product Penetration

One of the neater byproducts of this treatment is the ability of your skincare products to penetrate your skin more deeply. When you exfoliate your skin, you’re removing the skin’s surface layers that may block the absorption of your skincare products. By exfoliating, you can help these products penetrate deeper layers of the skin, which allows your skincare products to perform better.

Smoother Cosmetic Application

People who use this treatment will also notice that cosmetic application, particularly foundations and powders, is much easier with regular treatments. This is because removing peach fuzz from the skin allows makeup to settle onto the skin surface more evenly. Many people will notice that they require less makeup for more coverage after regular treatments.

Easily Paired With Other Treatments

Finally, this treatment is easily paired with other aesthetic treatments. Using an exfoliation treatment before additional treatments, such as signature facials, is an excellent way to enhance the efficacy of your treatment plan. Some treatments that pair very well with dermaplaning include chemical peels, AquaGold, and Hydrafacials.

Get Smooth Skin With Dermaplane Treatments

If you want smooth skin, you may want to consider dermaplane treatments. This treatment is an ideal option for skin rejuvenation and skin renewal. You can achieve smoother skin in as little as one treatment and expect your smooth skin results to last for a month at a time. Contact us at BeYouth MedSpa today to schedule your consultation!